1 Great Way to Meet Asian Nurses

Asian nurses
Asian nurses

Asian Nurses

As I mentioned in another article 6 types of Asian women the best type of Asian woman to date overseas is the office girl, Asian nurses or white collar woman. This is a woman who is educated, has a great career but is looking for love and some type of commitment. Keep in mind that in many Asian cultures commitment just means not having an extra wife or family on the side. Yes it might be shocking but true. An office woman will accept a “one night stand” with another woman so long as it was only one night. She will also accept going to get a massage. This is not so of the working girl if you happen to get into a relationship with one. The working girl only cares about you money and doesn’t want to share it with anyone.

So how to meet a white collar office girl? If you don’t work or have business it might be difficult since many of these woman don’t go to clubs. You would have to somehow strike up a conversation on the subway or other area. Maybe a lunch spot frequented by these types would work. What I found was that of the office types, nurses were by far the easiest to meet. Nurses are also loving and caring for the most part. I have meet a few psychos, “Psycho Nurse”. That said, for the most part they are great, educated, polite, fun and attractive.

What to Do

Asian nurse
Asian nurse

Meeting a nurse is easy. Once I was visiting a friend who was sick in the hospital. While asking for directions many of the nurses began to flirt with me. I was very pleasantly surprised! These hospitals just seemed to be filled with attractive lonely women. I asked on for her number and we began dating. She told me that nurses tend to work a lot. They also tend to work nights and therefore have very little time to socialize. This makes them very approachable and easy to meet. Especially if you are a little shy about picking up on women.

If you don’t have a friend in the hospital. You could just pretend to be looking for your friend and asking around. You could also just go in for a routine checkup. Maybe just go to the cafeteria during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Either way get yourself in there and try your luck. Most major cities have dozens of hospitals to choose from with many floors and many nurses. Happy hunting!

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