6 Types of Asian Women


Dating Asian women
Dating Asian women

6 types of Asian women – this one is the type to avoid for long term relationships. It should be obvious however so many men who travel to Asia believe that this is the only type of woman available to them. This is categorically false despite what the local men, other foreign visitors and expats will say. Even the princess of Thailand Ubol Ratana married an American man that she met in college and even gave up her title and inheritance for him. So there is no reason why you can’t meet an educated beautiful Asian woman.

Of course if you have limited time on your trip and want to have a one night stand or just some fun then a professional might be what you need. Just do NOT fall in love. You can help her out if you like but just realize that she will never respect you as a human being and will never be truly honest with you. Nevertheless so many men take prostitutes as girlfriends, and even marry them. These women will use every means possible to extract more and more money from you. If you ever make the mistake of having children with them they will use them against you as well. You have been warned!

Village Girl

dating Chinese village girls
Chinese girl

I hate to categorize women but the a village girl is also not a good choice for a relationship. She will most likely be uneducated and unable to carry on any type of meaningful conversation with you. She will never feel comfortable meeting your friends or colleagues in any type of social setting. You will forever be attending events alone. Of course some men don’t care about these types of things. Some of these women can be very attractive and excellent cooks. If you dream of living in the country with a woman who cooks and cleans then the village girl might be right for you.

Keep in mind though that she will most likely have a poor family and that her family members will constantly pressure her into asking you for more and more money. This pressure can bring tremendous strain on the relationship and your happiness. It will bring unnecessary stress in your life and for this reason I suggest passing on the village girl no matter how nice she seems to be.

6 types of Asian women – Office Girl

At last we come to the office girl. This is probably the best match for anyone wanting a long term relationship or casual sex. This woman will have a white collar job working in an office (e.g. sales, marketing, I.T., manager, nurse, government, administration, etc.) These women are looking for love and long term relationships for the most part. Many of them are on web sites like ThaiCupid , Tinder or other dating sites looking for a foreigner. Foreigners are are a novelty to them. Generally speaking foreigners are more endowed, kinder and more sophisticated. These women don’t need your money. Some of them have higher salaries and more wealth than their foreign boyfriends. They just want a man to love them and treat them well. They are also educated, sociable, and sophisticated. Your friends and family will be impressed by them and they will be able to assist you in settling down in your new country.

For these reasons office women are my preferred type of Asian woman. I have dated nurses, saleswomen, managers, government officials and even military officers. One barrier in meeting these women is that not all of them speak English so learning the local language is definitely an advantage. It might take some time to find the right one but it will definitely be worth the effort. I have even had some of these women cosign credit cards and much more.

Wealthy High Class

As I mentioned before, the princess of Thailand married a man that she met in college. Obviously there aren’t that many wealthy available women percentage wise however there are some. The younger, taller and more attractive you are the better however even I had the privilege of marring into a wealthy Chinese family a few year ago. I was almost 50 years old and she was in her late 30’s. We were very much in love and thought it was perfect. We met in yoga class and fell in love instantly. Unfortunately the one thing about wealthy Asian women is that they have a superiority complex and will want to control everything including you.

Although there are certainly benefits to this type of woman you need to decide if this is the life that you want for yourself. Wealth, beauty and sophistication are certainly great things to have. It might be worth the minor control issues and stress. The choice is yours.

dating wealthy high class Asian girls
6 types of Asian women

6 types of Asian women – Party Girl

There are as always a certain percentage of women who are sexually unsatisfied with their husbands or boyfriends. These women are just looking for casual and discrete sex. Many of them are attractive, friendly and easily approachable. They don’t need your money just good sex. Remember if she wanted lousy sex she could just go back to her husband! If you satisfy her you can have steady rendezvous with her. If not you will never hear from her again.

Stealth Professional

This is a housewife, blue collar, college student or retail employee that occasionally will have sex in exchange for money. She will most likely have some local men that she turns to to help pay bills occasionally. She might also occasionally sleep with foreigners as well. This woman has lower mileage than your standard prostitute and thus more desirable. The same rules apply as with regular prostitutes, do NOT fall in love!

dating stealth professional Asia girls
6 types of Asian women

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